My name is Richard Hartwell and I am a born in the USA citizen who has discovered a wealth of untapped and under appreciated young people who are called DREAMERS.

Welcome to the "Action Dream Team" web sight. Our goal is to raise awareness of the need for a pathway to citizenship for young people who have been brought to this country as children and currently have no way to work or contribute to the country they call home. I have become friends with and have taken up the cause of working with these young people and their supporters in reaching out to US citizens who are unaware or undereducated as to the plight of these young people. I read their posts and comments via social networking web sights, some have sent me messages and emails and I have to tell you it breaks my heart to see their discouragement and fear for what the future holds for them. I also must tell you I stand in awe and amazement at their love and dedication to this country and the ideals they have been taught and for what this nation stands for. These are young people who have grown up in the USA, gone to school here, attend church here lived in our neighborhoods and gone to school and played with our children and grandchildren. Some have been JROTC recruits who hope to someday serve in our military branches. Some have aspirations to become teachers, doctors, business owners or other college educated professionals. As of right now they have no way to achieve these dreams in this the country they view as their home. To me they are just young people trying as best they can to make it in a country that seems to not want them. A country that looks at them as "less than", because they happened to not be fortunate enough to have been born here. To me it is an issue of human rights. They aren't asking for a free ride or amnesty. They are willing to prove themselves, pay a fine, do service, pay taxes and contribute to society. They just want a chance. A pathway to citizenship that many US citizens are not aware does not currently exist for them.

There is an economic consequence to our nation if we deport these young people. Each year approximately 65000 of these young people graduate from our high schools. If we take an average cost per year, per student of only $8700.00 and multiply by 13 years ( K through 12) it equals $113,100.00. Multiply by 65000 graduates it equals $7,351,500,000.00. Do we want to send over 7 billion dollars a year of our hard earned tax dollars overseas with no future return on investment or would it make more sense to find a workable solution to a problem that politicians on both sides of the isle have been paying lip service to with no good results for over 10 years now. We also would loose these educated young peoples future taxable income to our economic base. We would loose their contributions to paying off our national debt and their future funding of our social security system. The economic loss to us as a nation would have huge ramifications.

Please look around our web sight, read the stories of these DREAMERS and then if it touches your heart and mind as it has mine, won't you join us?

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